Uses for storage containers

At Dixie Temporary Storage our containers have use in nearly any industry you can think of. We offer many sizes of dry storage containers and ground-level office containers. Our containers have construction, residential, retail, and government/healthcare uses.


Contractors across South Carolina use storage containers on construction sites for a safe place to lock up and store equipment and tools. Dry storage containers offer a major advantage on any jobsite, giving you a weatherproof and secure location for nearly anything needed. With the multiple types of containers available, these can support both a space to work and the space to store equipment in an organized, modular, and easily movable solution.

Our containers are secured with a steel lockbox that protects the padlock and add an extra level of security. We offer high cube units that are large enough to store nearly any construction equipment like forklifts as well as double door containers for accessing materials or equipment from either end. Our ability to deliver containers to area jobsites in a timely fashion and on schedule facilitate your needs on the construction site.


Whether moving, remodeling, or needing temporary storage, our smaller 20 foot containers offer flexible protected storage areas for residential homeowners. If you’re looking at completing a small one or two room renovation or doing an entire home project, our containers provide a modular and clean option for storage of household goods during construction. Construction and remodels are not the only time you’ll see shipping containers in residential neighborhoods. Long-term personal goods storage and even car storage during the winter or storm season are common uses for dry storage containers.


Most retailers experience an influx of merchandise around the holiday season. Retailers of all sizes have excess inventory and need a protected dry place to store it. Dixie storage containers help retailers control this inventory more efficiently by providing a dry, lockable, and protected storage solution. Retailers typically arrange containers in their shipping dock areas or the sectioned area of the parking lot. These large 40 foot models offer the extra space that retailers need to maintain inventory during busy seasons. The smaller 20 foot storage containers are ideal for tight areas when parking is at a premium and space is limited.


Our storage containers are an ideal solution for document and file storage, excess office furniture storage, and maintenance supplies and equipment storage. Many different government organizations including healthcare organizations have used our storage containers to support moving, renovations, or excess document or equipment storage. Local schools have need of a place to store sports and event equipment and materials and may need a year round solution. Shipping containers are designed for durability under intense conditions at sea and are the perfect weather proof storage solution.

Dry storage/shipping containers are ideal for temporary or long-term storage in many contexts. Give us a call or check out the offerings on our website if you have any questions or would like to inquire about a rental or purchase of a container.

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