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All Containers are available for inspection before purchase

If purchasing AS-IS CONTAINERS, inspection is ENCOURAGED prior to purchasing, but not required.

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delivery truck and shipping container

Delivery Options Available

UPON REQUEST, Dixie will deliver your purchased container(s) OR if you prefer, pick-up is available at our location.

Available Sizes

Call (843) 330-3982 for current pricing.






High Cube



High Cube


Types of Container Conditions

These following container types are IN-STOCK & READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Below are descriptions of each type of container and what each classification means.


Brand new containers that are cargo worthy.

New “One Trip” containers are the best quality units available on the market. They are called “One Trippers” because they have been used one time in transit between Asia and the United States. Technically, they aren’t brand new because they have been used once, but they are as close to brand new as you can get, seeing that containers aren’t manufactured in North America.


Used containers that are suitable for shipping.

Used containers are the most common containers available on the market. This is the most economical container available and is guaranteed to be weather proof and varmint proof. These containers have been retired by the shipping line so they do show a good amount of wear and tear and bumps and bruises, but again, if you are looking for a less expensive option, this is it.


Have been retired from shipping.

Once in a while an “As-Is” container seems to be in good shape and can be used for storing goods, but for the most part they have an issue that excludes them from being graded as used, so they are not guaranteed to be weatherproof.

We do on occasion have some containers that we consider to be “As-Is”. They will need some repairs in order to be used for storage unless your plans for them do not require weather tight. We hand pick all of our sales containers and even the “As-Is” sale boxes are in better condition than most of our competitors’ boxes. Of course, we insist on a full inspection by our customers before they purchase one of these units.

Sale Container Gallery

Pictured here are a few examples of containers that are on-hand for purchase at our facility in North Charleston as well as some photos of our purchased containers being used on-site.

interior of modified shipping container with roll up door

Need Your Container Modified To fit Your Needs?

Whether you require simple or elaborate modificaions, Dixie can help design a container solution to meet your needs.

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