Make the most of your container space!

These accessories will help you keep your sale or rental container organized and it’s space maximized.

Dixie Temporary Storage LLC will rent out shelving, racks, ramps, etc. to include along with our rental containers. If buying a container, we are able to sell any of these accessories to include with your purchase.


Store all your items on your own shelves to maximize space. Perfect for keeping extra inventory or moving boxes out of the way!
modified interior shipping container shelving
20′ Shelving Configuration
interior shelving inside modified shipping container
40′ Shelving Configuration
custom shelving inside of a modified shipping container
Sale Container Shelving Buildout Option


Our storage racks will help keep unwieldy items out of the way and stored properly. Perfect for storing clothes or expanding garage space.
interior shelving shipping container pipe racks
Pipe Racks
modified interior shipping container bicycle rack
Bicycle Racks
interior of shipping container with clothing racks
Clothing Racks


Using a cart or a dolly to bring heavy items into your container? Our ramp accessory will make such a task effortless.
shipping container accessories ramp side view
shipping container accessories ramp


Need added security for your container? We have just what you need!
shipping container lock accessories
shipping container lock accessories

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