Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery Questions

How much space is needed for delivery?

Our containers are delivered on flatbed trucks which slide the containers off like dumpsters. A 20′ storage container needs approx. 75′ of straight clearance. For a 40′ storage container, approx. 125’ of straight clearance. Width requirement is approximately 12′. a minimum of 20′ overhead clearance is required at the drop off location. Any obstacles like trees and overhead wires must be cleared prior to delivery.

How long is delivery from time of order?

Normal delivery time is as quickly as 24-72 hours.

Can containers be modified and still shipped?

Most modified storage containers remain eligible to ship by truck. Regulations become more stringent when shipping by rail or water.

Do I need to be present for delivery of my container?

This is preferred so you can locate the unit on your property and verify the condition of the container.

Can the container be moved later?

A container can be moved later. This entails using a service truck in most instances (40’ containers) and depends on the weight of material in the container.

Customization Questions

What color are Dixie portable storage containers?

Dixie storage containers are painted a neutral color to blend in with most surroundings. If you’re purchasing a container Dixie can paint the unit a specific color.

Can shelving be installed in my storage container?

Yes. We can install 3 and 4 shelf units or provide you with the shelving brackets and material to customize your container to your specific needs. Dixie can also provide pipe racks, apparel-bike racks, and loft systems. All the above systems are designed to hang from existing cargo tie downs in the container.

Can I order a custom color container?

We can do this but only for long term leases or purchased containers.

General Questions

How strong are Dixie portable storage containers?

Very strong, designed and proven over time in the shipping transportation industry. Made with 14-gauge corrugated steel sides. 14G steel roof. 14G steel cam-locking double doors. 1-1/8″ thick marine wood floors.

What is the difference between a "standard" and a "high cube" container?

A “standard” can be either 20′ or 40′ and they are all 8′ 6” high. A “High Cube” refers to a container that is 9′ 6” tall.

Do you have containers with steel floors?

Since the 1990’s the vast majority of standard containers have been manufactured with plywood floors. Plywood floors have proven to have optimal weigh to strength characteristics while providing additional anchorage options in containers.

What if the container I rented needs repair?

Dixie will maintain the unit throughout the term of the rental period. Storage containers by nature are strong and reliable. Short of abuse or vandalism maintenance concerns are minimal. If any problems should occur simply call us.

Is my lock protected?

Most of our rentals have added security of a hooded lock box and one can be added to a sale box upon request.

What’s the difference between storage containers, shipping containers, and Connex boxes?

Nothing. These terms all refer to basically the same thing. Their usage, generally, is determined by the type of industry and the region of the country.

What type of surfaces can a container be placed on?

The primary concern for any perspective site is it be firm, smooth, and fairly level. Preferred surfaces are asphalt, concrete, or gravel but grass or dirt will accommodate the container. If the site has an unstable surface some minor preparation may be needed. In general most sites will be sufficient for storage containers.

What is the minimum amount of time that a storage container can be leased for?

Container leasing can be for as long as you need it to be, however, there is a one month minimum charge for each leasing agreement.

Are there a lot of dents in storage containers?

Our rental units are completely refurbished and painted inside and out. Our sale boxes may have minor dents and that is why we encourage inspection by the purchaser to determine any repairs if any, that need to be made.

I have a used storage container for sale. Does Dixie Storage buy used containers?

Yes Dixie will consider buying used containers. Either send us e-mail, or give us a call.

Can I choose my own container?

You may visit our facility and choose your own container. Please just call or e-mail us.

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